Libros Italianos

Contemporary storybook

Images are printed directly onto lay flat pages which enable photographs to be printed as large double page spreads without breaks in the middle of the image. Lamination is available to protect the photographs against the passing of time… and future sticky little fingers looking at mummy and daddy’s wedding!

There are many of choices when it comes to materials and colours for the cover, spine and back of the book and you are able to combine them to create something completely unique for you. Match the colours of the spine to the bridesmaids dresses or the cover of the book to the bridal bouquet. The choices are endless.

I have put together a brochure which simplifies the choices and the relevant prices. I am always available to talk you through your design preferences.




Bevelled mount storybook

In addition to the storybooks, there is also now a crossover book which has all of the benefits of the storybook but also has bevelled edged mounts on the pages. This creates a hybrid feel to the album, combining the elegance and classic feel of a traditional album with the technology and choice of the modern book.



The only way to really appreciate the quality of the books is to see them in the flesh, to hold them and experience the craft, design and workmanship. To arrange a time to view my collection of storybooks, please call me on +57 311 863 0880 (Whatsapp +44 7947 467 291)