My Approach

Reportage Wedding Photography

The most beautiful wedding photographs are those which capture a natural expression. Whether it’s a little look, a stolen kiss, a loving embrace or raucous laugh, there is no mistaking unbridled emotion, and so I approach wedding photography with a documentary style in mind in order to catch those spontaneous moments throughout the day.

Most of us are not completely comfortable in front of the camera, and so a reportage, documentary approach to wedding photography helps overcome that barrier and allows me to capture everyone in their natural light. 80-90 percent of the wedding is photographed in this way.

Posed Photographs

Even during the bridal photoshoot I find that the best photographs are those where there is a natural interaction between the bride and groom. I will set the photograph up for the best light and with a beautiful backdrop in mind, place the couple in the right place, and walk away, and it’s at this time, when the bride and groom relax and share a moment together, that the best photos are created.

More and more couples are recognising the beauty of dramatic and stylised photographs, and are asking for more creative photographs during the bridal photoshoot – and even arranging additional photoshoots after the wedding day in full wedding dress.

I love working with this approach, and the storybooks we can create afterwards are truly beautiful. If you are interested in a fine art package in addition to the reportage approach, please ask me about this and we can discuss in great detail what you would like from your wedding photographs.