Neal vive en Barranquilla con su familia y ademas de tener su propio negocio, el da clases de fotografía comercial en la Universidad del Norte

Antes Colombia, Neal vivia en Londres y trabajaba en el Reino Unido, Irlanda y Europa. El ha trabajado en mas de 400 bodas en Inglaterra y Europa.

I love my work! I am passionate about photography and it is such a pleasure to photograph a wedding. I am surrounded by people enjoying the most memorable day of their lives and I have the privilege of capturing all of those joyful moments so that the memories will live forever.

In London, I photographed around 50 weddings each year and this gives me a huge wealth of experience and knowledge, of little techniques and insights which help me to create a collection of beautiful photographs from your wedding day.

I use an informal, reportage style to capture those special, spontaneous moments – the little looks and smiles and embraces – as they unfold around me, while my lifestyle photography and studio background helps me to create elegant, contemporary images during the bridal photoshoot.

I look forward to photographing your wedding day.